#TrustCreatesImpact – Nine Considerations for the Foundation of the Future

Read and download the new considerations here.

Since the launch of the „Nine Considerations for the Foundation of the Future“ in the autumn of 2019, a lot has happened: our world has been turned upside down by the pandemic, familiar forms of interaction have been put to the test – and now a war in Europe is forcing us to question everything we took for granted.

These developments have also prompted foundations to #rethink their own work – to practice trust, to explore new ways of communicating, and to act quickly and collaboratively even in exceptional situations.

In our revised considerations (as of May 2022), we showcase these changes and illustrate where foundations want to move in the future. For this purpose, we questioned, adjusted, and expanded our Nine Considerations in a participatory revision process with our member foundations over several months.

Based on a wide range of practical examples, our updated considerations are intended to constitute a living document and offer points of reference for all those who want to shape their foundations in a sustainable and collaborative manner.


You can find the new Nine Considerations for the Foundation of the Future here