#TrustCreatesImpact is an initiative whose members collectively reflect on and shape the future of foundations and learn from one another in the process.
Our 9 Considerations for the Foundation of the Future guide our efforts in this regard. Our initiative’s members, as individual foundations and together as a network, are on a journey towards putting these considerations into practice. We invite other foundations to join us in #TrustCreatesImpact, to actively engage in the philanthropic discourse and to grow and thrive together towards achieving our common goal of a more transparent, diverse, and participatory sector.

#TrustCreatesImpact – 9 Considerations for the Foundation of the Future

The 9 Considerations are the roadmap for the commitment of #TrustCreatesImpact and the basis for sustainable philanthropic practices. In doing so, we aim to always view the considerations in their entirety and thinking of them as an interlocking system of values. We want to show how and why foundations can continuously challenge and improve themselves. For us, this requires trust – in partners, networks and new ways of working that make change possible in the first place. The 9 Considerations were developed in a collaborative exchange and embody our understanding of a foundation of the future.

Transparency & embracing failure
More than money
Impact investing
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The initiative #TrustCreatesImpact is coordinated by Fabienne Tissot, Janna Heegardt, Elisabeth Roos, Steph Klinkenborg and Lilo Becker. We plan the events, look after the members and are responsible for the administrative tasks. You can reach us here:

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